Gamila Tea Stick

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Gamila Tea Stick

The Teastick is a sleek one-cup infuser that combines the quality of loose leaf tea with the convenience (but not the waste) of a tea-bag. This high quality tea infuser has no breakable mechanisms and is constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel with holes small enough to infuse the finest of teas. The Teastick fits nicely into glasses and mugs and is ideal for a 10-14 oz perfect cup of tea.


  • 304 stainless steel
  • ideal for a 10-14 oz perfect cup of tea
  • 6" overall length
  • Dishwasher safe

Additional Information

Additional Information Usage Tips
Slide back the sleeve to scoop
The Teastick is perfect for medium sized full-leaf teas, & Teastick Gems are perfect for herbal teas
Scoop tea to fill edge (perfect for 10-14oz cups)
Don’t overfill, tea needs to unfurl
Remove when steeped to desired strength

Care Tips
Wash thoroughly before first use (wash by hand or top rack of dishwasher)
Remember to empty tea when done steeping
If the sleeve sticks due to dried tea leaves, run under cold water
Dry completely before using

Brewing Time & Water Temperature for Different Teas
Black tea: app. 5 minutes just at boil (200+ degrees)
Oolong tea: 3-4 minutes just off boil (180+ degrees)
Green tea: 2-5 minutes just steaming (170+ degrees)

Treated right, most teas are good for a second steeping

Manufacturer Gamila

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